Casualties & orphaned badgers

Badgers need specialist care. If you find a casualty or orphan, you must seek expert help.

Injured animals may be frightened and unpredictable - do not put yourself at risk!

Badgers are difficult to handle and should be approached with caution. If you find a road casualty, park your car where it will shield the badger and you from oncoming traffic, but only if it is safe to do so, otherwise park at the nearest safe position. Turn on your hazard warning lights and call for help as soon as possible. If the location of the badger is likely to cause an accident then call the police for assistance.

If the badger is alert or moving, watch it but do not try to catch or hold it, stand well back. If the badger tries to move towards the road and traffic then try to discourage it by standing between the badger and the traffic, but only if it is safe to do so - do not put yourself at risk. If the badger is lying on the road and not holding its head up, cover the animal using a towel or blanket. Keep your distance once the badger is covered and wait for help to arrive. Avoid creating any unnecessary noise or disturbance.

Badgers Caught in Snares

Badgers caught in snares should not be cut free and just released. Snares cause ligature wounds and once freed from a snare the animal may suffer toxic shock with fatal consequences. It is essential that a snared animal receives observation and care for at least 24 hours to ensure its survival. Snares around legs can be extremely dangerous and may result in the loss of the limb completely. Call for help as soon as possible. If possible, calm the badger by covering it with a blanket or large towel but do not get close enough for the animal to bite you. Cover the head and as much of the body as you can. Avoid creating any unnecessary noise or disturbance.


Badger cubs without their mother are probably in trouble. Cubs need specialist care - call for help at the number above as soon as possible. Keep them warm and do not attempt to feed them or ‘play’ with them. Keep them somewhere quiet away from children and pets.

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Dead badgers

The Northern Ireland Badger Group welcomes reports of the location of dead badgers for record purposes.Click here  to contact us

Badgers are protected and it is an offence to deliberately harm them. Any animal which you suspect to be the victim of wildlife crime should be reported to the police - call 101

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It is the responsibility of the land/property owner to dispose of a dead badger if found on their property, however your local council or Divisional Veterinary Centre may be able to advise regarding its disposal.

Numbers to call to report an injured badger in Northern Ireland

USPCA 028 3025 1000

Greater Belfast area Debbie Doolittle 028 9082 5742

Fermanagh Dooletter Widlife Rescue 0773 040 4991