Badger watching

There are a number of things to remember in order to watch badgers safely and successfully, whilst causing minimal disturbance to the animals themselves:

For more information on how to watch badgers, download Tips for watching badgers

Always report any sett disturbance or other suspicious activity to your local police station

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Children should always be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Anyone badger watching alone should tell someone where they are and what they are doing.

Ensure that you have the permission of the landowner before you enter their land.

Wear suitable clothing. Dark, inconspicuous clothes are best. It is also important that clothes are warm and rustle proof, since you may have to sit for some time before you see any badgers!

Remain downwind when approaching the sett. Badgers have an excellent sense of smell and can find human scent particularly disturbing. Badgers often bolt underground at the slightest hint of unusual smells.

Be as quiet as possible both when approaching and leaving the sett. Try to resist the temptation to whisper, no matter how excited you may become!

Use insect repellent as sitting still, outside, at dawn or dusk, makes it likely that you will attract biting insects. Be warned and go prepared!